Felix Lenz - Brute Force

Felix Lenz

Brute Force

From the interference patterns of neutrons to data centres and salt lakes, »Brute Force« captures how our world’s complexity collides with the simplified rationalities of our digital age.

locations USA, France, Germany, Austria
year 2022-2024 [work-in-progress]
filed as essay-film / experimental documentary
format DCP 4K, 17:9, colour
length 29 min

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»Brute Force« explores how our knowledge-making practices affect the world.
Using insights from quantum theory and geology, the film unveils the intrinsic omissions, distortions, and ecological impact of data extraction.
The film shows that through mapping and computing the world we in turn transform, shape and control the territories we were trying to capture. But much like our data centres, the land itself keeps a geological record of its own transformation, sedimenting the material traces of our technological residues.

»Brute Force« is the result of over five years of artistic research, driven by my interests at the intersection of geopolitics, ecology, and technology.

The film is currently in its final stages of production. Further details will be available soon.

Film stills

lBrute Force lBrute Force lBrute Force lBrute Force lBrute Force lBrute Force

directed, produced and edited by Felix Lenz
co-directed & sound by Ganaël Dumreicher
produced at Design Investigations, University of Applied Arts Vienna
research & concept Felix Lenz
DoP Stella-Joya Puelacher
DoP [France unit] Jaakko Taavila
additional DoPs Jonas Heuwieser • Felix Lenz
voice-over co-written by Laura Stöckler • Felix Lenz
poem written by Karen Barad
voice-over spoken by Day Eve Komet
voice-over i.a. based on conversations with Vladan Joler • Diego P Fernandez
production coordination & research assistance Laura Stöckler
additional research Dunia Sahir
VFX Lena Kalleitner
additional VFX tracking Denis Ketov
additional sound-design Lisa Hollaus
bird sculpture Lucy Li • Angela Neubauer • Felix Lenz
model-building Isabel Prade • Felix Lenz
gaffer [studio] Sebastian Kubelka • Jaakko Taavila
best boy [datacenter] Vincent Forstenlechner • Mathis Walter
location scouting [Owens Lake, USA] Sebastian Mc Anulty
photo editing Max Scheidl • Vincent Forstenlechner
mentoring Anab Jain
artistic consultation Marco Ferrari • Bouchra Khalili
scientific consultation Utah, USA University of Utah
research professor, atmospheric sciences [University of Utah] Kevin Perry
research professor, geology and geophysics [University of Utah] Diego P Fernandez
lab assistance [University of Utah] Sierra Rose Stauffer • Jasmine Garcia
research assistant, geology and geophysics [University of Utah] Samuel Lopez
scientific facility Grenoble, France Institut Laue-Langevin
physicist [ILL / TU Vienna] Hartmut Lemmel
communication officer [ILL] Steph Monfront
data centre Vienna, Austria Earth Observation Data Centre For Water Resources Monitoring
managing director [EODC] Christian Briese
data centre Vienna, Austria [NTT] NTT Global Data Centers
managing director [NTT] Walter Kasal
marketing manager [NTT] Michelle Heitkamp
server racks Vienna, Austria Next Layer Telekommunikationsdienstleistungs und Beratungs GmbH
head of infrastructure [Next Layer] Thomas Fennes
supercomputer, Vienna Austria Vienna Scientific Cluster and Technical University Vienna
VSC Team Julia Wimmer • Josef Beiglböck • Irene Reichl • Markus Hickel
silicon mine, Hirschau / Schnaittenbach, Germany Amberger Kaolinwerke
marketing & communications [Amberger Kaolinwerke] Stefanie Jahn • Elisabeth Kraus
communications [Amberger Kaolinwerke] Franzheim Britta
geologist [Amberger Kaolinwerke] Alexander Braatz
special thanks to Eva Fischer • Patrick Zwerger • Antonia Rahofer • Valerie Bachschwöll • Linda Wonnebauer • Bady Minck • Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu • Christina Gruber • Laurenz Rogi • Neptunia Monna Anarchus • Benjamin Knoebl • Nadine Weber • Tanja Traxler • Leo Mühlfeld • Haidy Darwish • Ines Frieda Försterling • Anna Rimmel • Markela Koniordou • Isabelle Edi • Sibylle Lenz • Karlheinz Hakl • Christijan Narat • Patrizia Winkler • Alex Gschnitzer • Laurenz Rogi • Stephan Sinn • Veronika Koukal • Basil Taiful • [Anonymous]
produced with the kind support of BMKOES • ORFIII • Land Tirol • Bildrecht • HUFAK • Die Angewandte
sponsored by EIZO